Ask about our smile stamp cards. You receive a smile for every $5.00 spent in the store and may choose a free used book when your card is full of smiles!
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                BOOK STOP INC.  
Trade Policies
-Book Stop staff reserves the right to decline any book for trade.
-Book Stop accepts gently used books as trade for in-store credit only. 
-We will accept up to 25 books per family per day. 
-We do not pay cash for books. 
-You will receive in-store credit of  15% of the publisher's price for each paperback book we accept. 
-The credit may then be used towards purchase of used books at our store *store credit may be used to pay for 1/2 of your total purchase-you pay the other half 
-Credit slips do not expire. 

We now accept hardcovers for trade credit
   -hardcovers must be published within the last year
   -each hardcover we take in will give you a trade credit of $3.00

books we DO NOT accept if more than 1-2 years old:
   - business or travel
   - parenting or pregnancy

books we NEVER accept
  -Reader's Digest, Advanced Reader's copies or uncorrected proofs, textbooks

Purchase Policies
Used books

-will cost you 1/2 of the cover price WITHOUT trade credit (unless otherwise marked)
-will cost you 1/4 of the cover price WITH trade credit (unless otherwise marked)

For the remainder of your purchase we accept cash, check, VISA, or Mastercard. 
Minimum price for any book is $2.00, with the exception of clearance books which can be purchased at 1/2 price using in store credit only or purchased for just 75 cents each

New Books
-  10%  off of the publisher's price. Store credit may not be used for the purchase of new books. 

We will also order new or used books for you with free shipping for in-store pick up.
Books read twice are just as nice!