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Trade Policies

*Book Stop accepts gently used books as trade for in-store credit only. 
*Book Stop accepts up to 15 books per family per day. 
*Book Stop gives in-store credit of  15% of the publisher's price for each paperback book we accept. We do not pay cash for books. 
*The credit may then be used on up to half of each purchase until credit is used up. 
*Credit slips do not expire. 
*Book Stop does not accept business, cookbooks, health, travel, parenting, or pregnancy books published more than one year ago. 
*Book Stop never accepts Reader's Digest, textbooks, or bibles.
*Hardcovers must be published within the last two years.

*Book Stop reserves the right to refuse to accept any books. ​ Even if they have our stamp inside. 
Purchase Policies 

Used Books
All are half of the publisher's price unless otherwise marked. 
If you have store credit, used books cost one-quarter of the publisher's price, unless otherwise marked. 

New Books
All are 10 percent of the publisher's price. Store credit may not be used for the purchase of new books. 

There is a strong chance we can order a book you don't see on our shelves from any number of used book closeout websites. 

We accept cash, check, VISA, or Mastercard. 

Make sure to ask out our stamp cards! 
For every $5 you spend in the store you get a stamp. When your card is full you get a free book valued up to $10.